Designing Timeless Furniture for a Sustainable Future

Exceptional quality. Sustainable manufacturing. Radical transparency.

Slow was born out of and inspired by the spectacular Yorkshire Dales. Its dramatic features and beautiful views focused our minds on creating a business that gives back more than it takes. By using as few resources as possible, adopting a zero-waste approach to manufacturing, and creating timeless designs, we're determined to reduce our impact on the natural world and fight back against furniture ending up in landfill.

What does being green really mean?
For us it's nurturing and looking after our staff well, supporting local makers and suppliers, strengthening our local economy and contributing to rewilding schemes. It's using sustainably sourced materials, renewable energy and manufacturing in the UK to reduce our carbon emissions.
Sustainably sourced, non toxic materials
All of our sofas are constructed with responsibly sourced hardy beech wood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring that every piece can be traced back to sustainably managed forests. We also prioritise non-toxic materials and low/no VOCs, creating a healthier and safer environment for you and your loved ones
Supporting non-exploitative textile and furniture production
We have developed trusting relationships with our suppliers, working with like-minded partners who share our values.
Working towards a circular economy
Handmade with integrity, we build timeless furniture that bypasses modern trends. We have a zero waste approach to design and actively advocate reupholstery. Which doesn’t mean a lack of faith in our own product - instead it’s an expression of our values. At all costs, we want to avoid furniture taking the unnecessary and avoidable path to landfill.

It's our collective responsibility to make a difference
At Slow, we believe in using our brand for good. We're not perfect and we know we are part of the very complex relationship that exists between manufacturing, society and the environment. Our ambition, however, is honest and transparent. We’re focused on investing back into the company to make it as sustainable and ethical as possible. We know it won’t happen overnight, but by aligning our personal and business values, we’re committed to creating impactful, positive solutions that have deep and lasting change.