Home Reupholstery


If you’re looking to restore a piece of furniture, we are here to help. At Slow, we believe a sofa is for life. We actively advocate repairs and at all costs want to avoid furniture taking the unnecessary and avoidable path to landfill. We know that the future of furniture lies in quality craftsmanship, working with pieces that can be restored again and again. Trust us when we say, we would like nothing more than to be able to restore your treasured sofa to its former glory!

We’re committed to restoring any quality sofa, even if it’s not made by us. Provided your piece has a well-made frame, built with structural integrity, we’d love to give it a new lease of life. Give us a call and we can make an assessment over the phone, with the addition of a few pictures.

So what’s the process?

We’ll invite you to choose your fabric from our online selection.

Before collecting your sofa, we’ll make sure we have everything pre-prepared in the workshop, to ensure you and your sofa are parted for as little time as possible. We aim to reupholster sofas within 4-5 weeks.

Once it arrives in the workshop, we begin by stripping the sofa down to its original frame and checking it over in detail to ensure it’s as good as new. We're looking into ways to upcycle your old foam and fabric. Then we’ll rebuild your sofa and upholster in your chosen fabric, before delivering it to your home for you to enjoy for many more years to come.
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