An antidote to fast furniture

Sustainable sofas for a circular economy

Slow was born out of a reaction to the disposable industry. It sounds simple, but we believe sofas belong in the home, not landfill. Fuelled by a desire to change the pace of manufacturing, we set out with the vision to become the greenest sofa manufacturer in the UK.

Unmatched quality
Built to stand the test of time
We wanted to create a sofa that is functional, durable, sustainable and as comfortable as it gets. Each one of our sofas are crafted by hand, focusing on careful, considered design with a lifetime guarantee. For us, it’s imperative that sofas are built to last and withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Which in practice means creating furniture that is intentionally designed to be reupholstered. We believe that the future of furniture lies in quality craftsmanship, working with pieces that can be restored again and again.
Taking it Slow
Doing things differently
The slow message sits at the very heart of our business, encouraging us to pause and contemplate our relationship to the natural world. We know that capitalism equates speed with efficiency, but we also know the reality of this has had a fatally damaging impact on society and the environment, draining the earth of its precious resources.
Mindful approach
Furniture that doesn't cost the earth
Sustainability informs everything that we do, from our fabrics and materials, to the suppliers we choose to work with, to the energy we use to power our workshops. By adopting a model that is both restorative and regenerative, we are committed to reducing our impact on the earth.