Conscious Consumerism: Identifying Truly Sustainable Furniture

Prioritise sustainability in furniture choices: high-quality materials, renewable sources, ethical sourcing, and eco-friendly certifications. Discover eco-friendly options at Slow

Welcome too Slow, where sustainability is at the heart of our mission. This blog article will guide you through essential tips to help you identify furniture that embodies true sustainability. 



Consider the Planet's Health: 

Embrace furniture crafted with high-quality and durable materials designed to stand the test of time. Look for furniture made from renewable sources and prioritise biodegradable options to minimise your environmental footprint. By choosing furniture that is built to last and uses sustainable materials, you contribute to a greener future.



Assess Sourcing and Production: 

Gain insight into the origins of your furniture and evaluate its environmental impact. Research the journey of materials, from sourcing to production, and choose companies that prioritise ethical sourcing.



Seek Eco-Friendly Certifications: 

Look for reputable third-party certifications that guarantee the sustainability of the furniture. Certifications like FSC and OEKO-TEX ensure furniture meets stringent eco-friendly standards and practices. Choosing certified products gives you peace of mind that your furniture aligns with your values.



Evaluate the Company's Sustainability Commitment:

 Consider the overarching sustainability commitment of the brand. Look for companies that exclusively offer eco-friendly furniture or have a strong sustainability focus. Transparency and a willingness to improve and innovate are essential indicators of a company's dedication to sustainability.



At Slow, we prioritise your well-being and the planet's health: 

We offer furniture made from solid woods certified by FSC, ensuring a healthier and eco-friendly choice. Our range of natural fabrics provides a sustainable option, but we also offer spill-resistant eco-certified synthetic fabrics if you need more performance. Our commitment extends to sourcing materials ethically and participating in local rewilding schemes. With Slow, you can trust that your furniture aligns with your values and contributes to a greener future.


Let your furniture choices reflect your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Discover the world of eco-friendly furniture with Slow.